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Tales of a Wandering Nomad

All those who wander are not lost, all paths are good...

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Matan Ar'ye Schwartz
2 September
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Under Construction 8/30/2016
42, accounting, afro-asiatic languages, anti-prescriptivism, applied linguistics, arabic, archer, archie goodwin, balanced living, black coffee, bookkeeping, bovines, buffalo, camping, compasses, cowboy bebop, cows, dancing, defenestration, descriptivism, dogs, education, eeyore, fashion, finance, fitness, footloose, forensic accounting, forests, galileo galilei, hebrew, hiking, hoodies, humor, idf, independent thinking, index cards, international travel, ipods, israel, israel defense forces, israeli, israelis, jerusalem, journeys, judaism, kol, languages, laughing, learning, leaves, leonardo da vinci, lifting weights, linguistics, living healthy, logic, long island, long islanders, love, mac, maccabi tel aviv, massage, meditation, men with brains, middle east, middle eastern, minimalism, minimalists, mirrors, mission management, museums, mystery novels, mythology, nanowrimo, nero wolfe, new york, new york city, new yorkers, night life, nin, nirvana, nomadic lifestyle, nomads, npr, nutrition, nutritional healing, olim, pens, photography, poetry, project management, radio free mars, rain, reading, reference books, research, rex stout, rocky horror picture show, rugby, running, savage garden, smart men, smiling, sociolinguistics, spike spiegel, standard poodles, storms, studying, sushi, sustainable tourism, tai chi, tel aviv, the illiad, the odyssey, thinking, thought, translation, travel, typewriters, university at buffalo, vodka, wbfo, working out, writing, writing in ink, yoga, zionism, עברית, ♂♂

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